Wednesday, August 27, 2014

A, B and E… in Eli!

How many of you have more than one child?  More than two?  Do you feel like sometimes you don't write down everything for the baby book or take as many pictures as you did with the first one or two?

For me, pictures isn't the issue.  I love to take pictures!  It's documenting the events or writing things down before I forget them.  I was so good when I had one child.  Baby book was up to date and the first year scrapbook was done shortly after her first birthday.  The photo album was a work of love.  I remember spending hours on it while she napped and even worked on it with friends.  I believe this was around the time of the Creative Memories craze!

Second child, baby book is little more complete and her first year photo album was also a scrapbooking masterpiece (ok, it really isn't that great, but I still took lots of time on it!), though it was finished closer to her 2nd birthday.

Third child…well... his baby book is more of a baby scrap book in that there are scraps of paper in a box with things written down I don't want to forget.  And his one year photo album was complete by his 4th birthday with the help of a digital photo site….oh my how time has changed!  I don't know what I would do without Shutterfly!  At the same time I don't know what I did before Shutterfly.