Friday, November 9, 2012

10 years of "stuff" saved between 3 children!

Do you save everything your child brings home from school?  Do you save everything they make for you?  I did until it started taking over my attic!

Six months ago my husband and I cleaned out our attic....It was a mess!  What we found was an 8 x10 area of bags and bins filled with all things saved from my children starting when Anna Cate was 2!  It was out of control to say the least!

Of course I had to wait for the right time to purge through everything as I did not want my children to think I didn't care about the things they made.  I actually got "busted" once from Betsie last year for throwing something away of hers....her exact words were "Mom, I spent a lot of time I that"....I felt horrible!  So I just started to save everything....knowing one day I would "organize" it all.