Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tooth Fairy

I have been trying to write this post FOREVER.  However, it is harder than I thought to manage two blogs!  News flash for myself!!!  So I am hoping to post on this blog at least once a month.

Ok...the post....

Loosing teeth is one of those childhood memories we all remember.   You loose a tooth, tell all your friends, put the tooth under your pillow and then in the morning the tooth fairy left you money.  Who wouldn't be excited over this?   I even tried putting my puppies teeth under my pillow when I was little to see if it would no avail!

Unfortunately, loosing teeth is not like this for Anna Cate.  Most of her teeth she has lost she has swallowed.  She eats something, we see a little blood,  see there is a missing tooth and have a huge feeling of guilt.

We never knew it was loose, we never knew if it was causing her any pain, we never knew anything until it was too late.